To Museum Houtstad IJlst and Sawmill De Rat (2½ hours)

Fixed on Thursday and Saturday mornings

During this morning cruise of 2½ hours we will visit the Houtzagmolen De Rat and possibly Museum Houtstad IJlst and we will have coffee with the miller in IJlst.

After a historic cruise through the city canals of Sneek, we sail across De Geeuw to IJlst. We moor at Houtzagmolen De Rat and Museum Houtstad IJlst. Here we visit the Houtzagmolen De Rat. When there is sufficient wind, this sawmill is in full operation. After coffee, a tour and a strong story from the miller, the skipper will take you back to Sneek.

Departure: 10 a.m. at the jetty in front of restaurant De kajuit Jachthaven De Domp 1 8605 CP Sneek.

Tickets: €24.50 p.p. (children up to 12 years €12.50 p.p.) are available online and in advance on the quay from the skipper. The person who already has a ticket naturally goes first.

Full is full. (We only sail if there is sufficient participation from 6 people!)

info: VVV Sneek, Kleinzand 16, 8601 BH SNEEK, tel.: 0515-750678. (open daily from 10am - 5pm on Sunday from 12pm - 5pm). (We only sail if there is sufficient participation!)

A pet: DOG/CAT is allowed on the boat if he/she does not bother other guests.

This boat trip is very suitable for history and/or mill enthusiasts, but also for families with children.


Single tickets: From July 1 to September 1, 2024 on Thursday and Saturday mornings. We only sail if there is sufficient participation, the minimum participation is 6 people.

For groups: The boat with skipper can be booked per hour from April 8 to November 1, 2024. Are you interested? Send an email to or call 06-10056173.

Boarding point


grutste sylevenemint

It sil wer heve: it grutste sylevenemint op Europeesk binnenwetter, yn Fryslân. ⛵️ De Sneekweek is begonnen en Commissaris van de Koning Arno Brok nam gisteravond traditioneel de vlootschouw af.