Would you like to sail with us today?

The skipper/narrator of the barge Ald Fryslân is happy to take you on a unique cruise through the city canals of Sneek. Due to the low vertical clearance, we can show you the nicest and most intimate places in Sneek and the skipper can tell you about the rich history of the city of Sneek.

The cruises:

Canal tour, the canal cruise, this 50-minute afternoon cruise starts at the Frisian Maritime Museum (Tourist Office)

As a morning cruise we sail to the new museum and the sawmill in IJlst.

The evening cruise starts at De Domp Marina at Restaurant De Kajuit and is a pleasant cruise with a varying destination.

When do we sail??

For the sailing days of the various trips, look in the booking module under "Ticket and Contact"

For groups of 8-24 people, we can put together a fun sailing program with a snack and a drink in consultation.

Have fun on board one of our barges!

Kind regards,

The Schippers: Machiel, Robert, Minze, Max and Pascal



grutste sylevenemint

It sil wer heve: it grutste sylevenemint op Europeesk binnenwetter, yn Fryslân. ⛵️ De Sneekweek is begonnen en Commissaris van de Koning Arno Brok nam gisteravond traditioneel de vlootschouw af.