History Ald Fryslân

Around 1900, the Sneeker canals were full of barges (large and small). These ships ensured the transport of goods between villages and towns. The Ald Fryslân is a miniature freighter with a steep bow and a double swept butt. This type is called: “luxury motor ship” and is rare given its small size of 12 x 2.65 x 0.60 meters.

The ship was built as a milk, vegetable and mail carrier and was used to get through the smallest ditches in the Frisian villages and towns. After 1950, the profession of barge skipper disappeared and the small barges also disappeared from Frisian waters.

They were demolished and converted into houseboats and pleasure boats. The Ald Fryslân has also been converted into a houseboat and has moored in various canals for decades. In 2013, auction house Ald Fryslân purchased the ship, completely restored it and restored it to its former glory.

The ship is now available to take guests around the beautiful city canals of Sneek.




grutste sylevenemint

It sil wer heve: it grutste sylevenemint op Europeesk binnenwetter, yn Fryslân. ⛵️ De Sneekweek is begonnen en Commissaris van de Koning Arno Brok nam gisteravond traditioneel de vlootschouw af.