Outings for groups.

Cruise trips ideal for groups of up to 12 people (or a multiple thereof = we have more ships) can be tailored to your wishes in consultation. Drinks and snacks can also be provided on board.

Guide price: max 12 persons: Costs ship+skipper € 140 per hour. or: max 18 people: Ship+skipper costs €175 per hour.

On days on which we do not do afternoon trips, the minimum sailing time is 1.5 hours.

Departure: In front of Theater Sneek, Westersingel 28, 8601 GR Sneek or from the Steiger aan het Kleinzand to Het Fries Scheepvaart Museum/ VVV Sneek. The location mentioned in the confirmation is decisive. Departure at another location is possible in consultation (sometimes a departure fee is due).

Day/time: Depending on availability of ship and skipper. Morning, afternoon or evening trips or multiple ships are possible.

A pet: DOG/CATis allowed on the boat if he/she does not bother other guests.

Group packages: Put together a beautiful boat trip in consultation. There are many nice locations and restaurants to sail to in and around Sneek.

Are you interested in sailing with a group of friends, family or associates? Send an email to info@grachtenrondvaartsneek.nl or call 06-10056173. We will take ASAP. contact you.


Boarding location


Historic canal tour departs six days per week!

We depart for our Historic canal tour six days per week now! Are you joining us for an unforgettable canal tour on a historic ship? Get your tickets now and experience the Sneker canals!