Outings for groups.

Cruise trips ideal for groups of up to 12 people (or a multiple thereof = we have more ships) can be tailored to your wishes in consultation. Drinks and snacks can also be provided on board.

Guide price: max 12 persons: Costs ship+skipper € 140 per hour. or: max 18 people: Ship+skipper costs €175 per hour.

On days on which we do not do afternoon trips, the minimum sailing time is 1.5 hours.

Departure: In front of Theater Sneek, Westersingel 28, 8601 GR Sneek or from the Steiger aan het Kleinzand to Het Fries Scheepvaart Museum/ VVV Sneek. The location mentioned in the confirmation is decisive. Departure at another location is possible in consultation (sometimes a departure fee is due).

Day/time: Depending on availability of ship and skipper. Morning, afternoon or evening trips or multiple ships are possible.

A pet: DOG/CATis allowed on the boat if he/she does not bother other guests.

Group packages: Put together a beautiful boat trip in consultation. There are many nice locations and restaurants to sail to in and around Sneek.

Are you interested in sailing with a group of friends, family or associates? Send an email to info@grachtenrondvaartsneek.nl or call 06-10056173. We will take ASAP. contact you.


Boarding location


grutste sylevenemint

It sil wer heve: it grutste sylevenemint op Europeesk binnenwetter, yn Fryslân. ⛵️ De Sneekweek is begonnen en Commissaris van de Koning Arno Brok nam gisteravond traditioneel de vlootschouw af.